Organic Surge Reviving Eye Gel Review | Bex Beauty

Can I just start by saying this is THE best eye cream/gel that I have ever used?

As someone who suffers from pretty bad dark circles under my eyes, puffiness and fine lines, I have spent a considerable amount of time trying out eye creams – usually to no avail. When I received this product I expected it to be much the same but I gave it a go because I had heard Organic Surge made amazing products and wanted to try them out.


The first time I used this eye gel I was expecting the usual things to happen – that fake menthol cooling feeling that doesn’t actually do anything and the fragrances etc. from the product to make my eyes sting (sensitive eyes are the best…). I was pleasantly surprised to find that 1) my eyes did not sting whatsoever; 2) the slight cooling feeling actually had an effect. Within about 10 minutes my eyes were visibly less puffy and most of my fine lines had disappeared. The product had completely moisturized under my eyes and ironed out all the lines. A little while afterwards I applied under eye concealer and it has never gone on so well (normally I have to spend forever with a beauty blender to stop it sinking into fine lines).

Having used this product regularly since then I can say that these effects were not a once off, this product is just fantastic. I’m not going to lie though, I’m awful at sticking to routines, so I can’t say this product will hugely reduce dark circles with continued use because I haven’t stuck to it for long enough, but I do think it has reduced mine slightly – especially when used morning and night.


If you haven’t previously heard of Organic Surge (don’t worry, I hadn’t either), let me fill you in on how incredible they are. This is cruelty-free company, passionate about making products without harsh chemicals (perfect for anyone with sensitive skin) while respecting the environment. All of their products are vegetarian friendly, while most are vegan, and all are Ecocert certified meaning they contain atleast 96% naturally derived ingredients!

I really love this eye gel, and I think this company is just fantastic. I really recomment this product for anyone that suffers from fine lines, puffiness or dark circles, especially if you have sensitive skin (it has never irritated my eczema either).

I hope you liked this post and let me know if you’ve tried out any Organic Surge products (I have my eye on their Hot Cloth Cleanser!)

Thanks for reading!



*I received this product from the company, but all opinions are 100% my own as always. ❤ 

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